Gender Reveal / Baby Shower Decoration

$800.00 $950.00

Gender Reveal / Baby Shower Decoration

$800.00 $950.00
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Celebrate the joyous occasion of a gender reveal or baby shower with a stunning Circular Balloon backdrop adorned with a vibrant neon sign that says "Oh Baby."

The backdrop serves as a focal point, creating a captivating and delightful atmosphere. The neutral-colored Balloons, carefully selected to complement any gender, add a touch of elegance and versatility to the overall design.

With a harmonious blend of colors and a stylish arrangement, this balloon decoration sets the stage for a memorable celebration, filled with anticipation and excitement for the arrival of the little one.

Decoration includes

  • 1 x Balloon Backdrop on Circular Frame
  • 1 x Oh Baby / Neon Sign


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